“Dashboard drawing board” wins The People’s Poetry contest!


Dashboard drawing board

I do my best writing while driving
using a dashboard drawing board
and rolled down window arm rest
with a stolen bank ink pen
attached to nothing by
a few remaining links of chain
I write crooked words on the pages
of a drug store spiral pocket notebook
and just as I would clean up
before hospital visits to you
I neatly rewrite these thoughts
onto parchment with a quill pen
purchased by a childhood me
at the Liberty Bell gift shop
and now during solo trips to
the market or movies or cemetery
and before feather meets inkwell
these pages reside between
sun visor and pickup ceiling
until enough thoughts are collected to
assemble them on the hood of a truck
which is just ten feet forward of
our teen aged flesh pressed in
brick wall humidity
and like a reservation dealer
I shuffle these wounded heart love notes
discarding the jokers
and then I deal from the bottom
to ghosts of yesterday’s us
and doubling down across a
world weary paint job
where they end up
in a logical order or not
like a Papier-mâché timeline or
a never complete jigsaw puzzle
whose lost piece looks like you