Poem / “Abandoned park swing set”

swing set

My pen is running dry, but if I work wisely

and put my words in the proper order,

and don’t include what we have said to each other,

it probably still has one poem left in it.


I can write a play, one act is all I’ve got in me,

and we can rehearse our lines as they should have been,

or change our old roles into new characters

by changing the parts that led us astray.


We can sit down at kitchen table,

with poker chips and a bottle of wine,

tip our hands a little, and this time begin with

the cards that we’ve yet to show each other.


With a half-empty book of stamps

and a poorly folded glove box Rand McNally,

I can cross the county and fill your mailbox

with post cards from all the places we’d circled on the map.


Or I can walk down a winding road with a flashlight,

a flask, and a pocket full of crumbled love notes,

alone in the heart of the autumn Maryland midnight

searching the abandoned park swing set for first date clues

and reasons why we failed to get this right.

copyright 2017


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Published by Steven Harz

Steven Harz was the 2013 winner of the international People's Poetry Contest and is a three-time winner of The Iron Writer Challenge. Steve still writes poetry, but now it rhymes and is put to music - either acoustic with a Martin or electric with a Gretsch. Songwriting influences are: John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Blze Foley, Jessi Alexander, Tyler Childers, Lori McKenna, Gabe Lee, Luz, Cleto Cordero, Jason Isbell, and of course, Willie and Dolly! Music is available on all streaming platforms - please check it out!

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