10 second love story: “Context”



I might tell you how much I enjoy being with you,

as if you couldn’t tell

(I am that transparent)

but it would be without true meaning.


I should let you know how each of your kisses

paralyze me for a beautiful brief instant

(which is why I have to pull away and reset)

but it would not really matter.


I could describe the pain in my chest

when we are apart

(that is sometimes accompanied by tears)

but what would be the point.


I ought to share the calm that I feel

when we are together

(in church they say ‘peace that surpasses

all understanding’)

but the words would be hollow.


I could say all of these things

to you either out loud or in a whisper

(which would you prefer)

but they cannot land successfully

without first framing them

(with I love you).

“Context” appears in my collection titled, ‘Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds’ – available at Amazon in ebook and paperback.