‘Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds: Backroad Love Stories, Vol. 1’ is now 99 cents!

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My collection of short fiction love stories is now just 99 cents at Amazon (in eBook format). Here is a recent review:

Just finished Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds. I’m speechless, and if I had been using a real highlighter on real pages (rather than reading this on my Kindle app) I would have run out of ink. Steve’s writing gets right to the heart of things, and I like writers (and people in general) who can do that with brutal honesty and grace. This work reminds me of a line from Jerry McGuire — “The Things We Think But Do Not Say.” I can’t recommend this collection highly enough. Thank you, Steve, for writing the things we think but don’t often (or ever) say.

And here is another:

Wow, great read, Steven Harz! Emotionally charged. Takes you back to times and memories we’ve all had and can identify with. So vivid, you can picture the setting clearly in your mind. Simpler times, while passionately bittersweet. I loved this series!

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