Book: “Gas Station Road Map” Backroad Poetry, Vol. 3

Gas Station Road Map_cover_BW

“Gas Station Road Map” contains works that place the author’s perspective on the human experience. His goal is to provide just enough information to allow the reader to paint their own personal picture, drawing from their own lives – and together, writer and reader, can share a similar experience. These works center on the theme of love – new and old and lost and found – and are meant to invoke strong memories, both fond and bittersweet.

Review of “Gas Station Road Map”:

“Gas Station Road Map once again provides Steven Harz the opportunity to show us the tough road of love always keeping in mind the hope for what we all desire. Love is present throughout. Gas Station Road Map had me thinking about Penny Candy, Catskill Game Farm, 8 Track Players, Fondue Pots and Bob Seger…..I want to keep reading that one over and over hoping that I might be brought back to mytravels in that 1977 Buick LeSabre traveling all over the East Coast – when I started to write my own history. Thanks for bringing the memories roaring back Mr. Harz in the most “Springsteenish” of ways – we all need you to appreciate where we’ve been, what we are doing, where we want to go and how to love the one we want to love.”

“Gas Station Road Map” is available at Amazon in ebook  /Kindle format (link below).

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