10 second love story / “Somehow”

pickup truck couple



I spend a lot of time above a pen and before a keyboard,

trying to let you know how I feel and what you mean to me,

usually to no avail and causing greater confusion.

I’d like to somehow write away the trail of devastation

that you are now forced to walk in the name of me

making a delusional attempt to save the world.

I need to somehow write us back in time

to the place where we were little more than a rumor

and your eyes were smiling more than sad.

I wish that I could somehow write you into my heart

where you could sit quietly and hear it beat for a while

and listen to the words of my own song,

not the lyrics and message of others.

I should somehow write us a two-person tailgate,

with a honey whiskey paper cup and a six-pack

discussing life – real life – while parked under

a “Jesus is the Answer” billboard.

If I could write all of this somehow, you would

understand perfectly what words are in my head

and what my mouth is trying to say.


Poem: Heraclitus

When we sat side by side

and row by row

watching sideways rain beat

the side of the building

at the far end of campus

our professor taught us that

the weeping philosopher suggested

you can’t enter the same river twice

and this must be true

because I swim in you daily

disrobed with despair

and witness the change in temperature

glacier to boil to beach

the metamorphosis of creatures

minnow to piranha and back

and the strength of the current

trickle to brook to river

and as you empty into a sea

I will whisper

my sorrow and my hope

into a bottle

replace the cork

and toss it

into you

copyright 2013 Steven Harz

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Another 5 star review of “Songs you can’t dance to”

Another 5 star review of “Songs you can’t dance to”

Another 5 star review of “Songs you can’t dance to”

“I’ve enjoyed reading “Songs You Can’t Dance To” by Steven Harz immensely. It is a book for lovers and losers. A book celebrating young love while remembering times of lost love. There is a story or poem inside for lovers of all ages. Young and old alike will read this book and say to themselves, ‘Ah, I remember that feeling’ and smile.”

Many thanks to this reviewer!!!

Another nice review of “Songs you can’t dance to”

Another nice review of “Songs you can’t dance to”

“Thoroughly enjoyed all the poems and short stories. Steven let me feel his pain and enjoy his humor! I found myself remembering when I was young and in love. Wonderful memories!”

Thanks for such nice words!!!

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Poem: “Tie-dyed tomorrow”

Deep in a well called yesterday

your love letters to me

water damaged and smelling like

the year before last

are attached with twigs

to the mossy stone wall

attempting to dry while the

damp fairy tale’s blue ink

separates on the pages

surrounding me with a

tie-dyed tomorrow

absent of us

for now

So knee-deep in desperation

I whisper my dreams into

the well’s leaky oaken bucket

and pulling the old course rope

my hopes ascend

and as they drip onto my hands

and into my eyes

I pray that they will

meet you at the top and

after drinking in my words

you wipe my love with your sleeve

and then send me down

a line

copyright 2013 Steven Harz

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Another advance review for “Songs you can’t dance to”

Steven Harz really makes you stop and think about the ones you love and to let them know now before its too late. I loved reading this book. I couldn’t put it down until I was done. Now I want to reread it! I look forward to any future writings from Steve.

-L. Mooney

Advanced review of my eBook “Songs you can’t dance to”

“Harz captures the exhilaration, pain and frustration of love all the while making you strive to find the perfect balance. The feel good ones like “Red”, “Context”, “Order”, “Written History” and of course, “Songs You Can’t Dance to” bring an urge to find the one we love and let them know NOW! While others such as “While”, “Two Senses”, “I Can Never”, “Unknown Battle”, “Silent Roar”, “Chronicle” and “Disease” pierce your heart with memories of love gone bad or an undying commitment to not let it happen to you – pain, truth and appreciation pour out of these works. And then there is “Momentary Atheist” – Hot Damn! – passion and throwing all caution to the wind! “My Hands” and “Hallowed Ground” remind us of what should be most important in our chaotic world and “Torturous” keeps it all realistic – understanding that love aint easy and sometimes a burden.

I thoroughly enjoyed these honest, heartfelt and “reflectionary” poems of love – some may be good for Valentines Day but most may help us reflect on our own love, lack of love or search for love and no Hallmark card can ever fit that bill. Keep it going Steven Harz – we all need to stop and reflect on the importance of love and the never ending exploration for it!”

-R.J. Mabey