“Working on mysteries” – story from free book weekend!

My book of quick love stories, “Descending the Beanstalk,” is free on Amazon no through Monday at midnight. Contained in this collection is the piece titled, “Working on mysteries,” which takes you back to young love, and impending loss, and who’s title pays homage to the music of the time, in this case Bob Seger.Continue reading ““Working on mysteries” – story from free book weekend!”

Free book weekend: “Descending the Beanstalk”

My book of short love stories, “Descending the Beanstalk,” is free on Amazon in ebook format now through Monday, September 18 at midnight. Synopsis: “In this collection Steven Harz draws from our past and hurls it towards the present, and in doing so connects a long-lost high school love to the recent loss of aContinue reading “Free book weekend: “Descending the Beanstalk””

Trailer for Shane Koyczan’s “Shut Up And Say Something”

Acclaimed spoken word artist Shane Koyczan takes an emotional road trip to reconnect with his father, mining the scars of his past for truth, acceptance, and the most important poem of his life. “How is it that pain became a source of comfort…?” – Shane Koyczan @koyczan http://bit.ly/SHarz    

Poetry / “Franklin’s Kite”

Like I suppose Columbus held while he sailed the ocean blue, I try to locate you with a brass compass.   Like I’ve seen Gandhi wear, while nonviolently battling the Brits, I battle old photos through clear round gold frames   Like I learned da Vinci designed, in between the helicopter and scuba gear, onContinue reading “Poetry / “Franklin’s Kite””

Poetry / “Diner placemat love note”

  I have become a front porch Bell jar wino looking for yesterday   But all I want is to be a back alley junkie freebasing glimpses of tomorrow   And on each day of your absence I’ve received a morphine drip of your perceived value   While fearing the dark and squinting to findContinue reading “Poetry / “Diner placemat love note””

eBook of Poetry and Romance / “Songs You Can’t Dance To”

A mixture of equal parts of love and grief, “Songs you can’t dance to” contains poems that center on the anticipation and joy of new and maintained love as well as the sorrow and pain of longing and loss. Additionally, this volume includes eight works of short fiction that range in theme from high schoolContinue reading “eBook of Poetry and Romance / “Songs You Can’t Dance To””

Poetry / “Gunpowder ghosts”

Gunpowder ghosts   I am unsure that you still exist because my memories are grainy and out of focus like films of bigfoot lumbering across the landscape leaving footprints real or not   Perhaps you’re still here and are held up by invisible strings like blurry pie plates in UFO films that we once watchedContinue reading “Poetry / “Gunpowder ghosts””

Romance / “B is for Browne”

B is for Browne     How will I know if we’re through, she asked half kidding, even though they’d only been together since the hot summer and now it was the crisp fall.   He explained that being a fan of what he calls ‘suicide music’ that any dark period in his life, andContinue reading “Romance / “B is for Browne””

Poetry / “Context”

Context   I might tell you how much I enjoy being with you as if you couldn’t tell (I am that transparent) but it would be without true meaning   I should let you know how each of your kisses paralyze me for a beautiful brief instant (which is why I have to pull awayContinue reading “Poetry / “Context””

Love story / “Blessed”

Blessed   I’d really like to start going to church, she said out of nowhere. He merged the old Monte Carlo onto the parkway on a gray day that was too fucking cold for March. It’s supposed to be the third day of spring, he thought, and in protest he hadn’t brought a coat.  Continue reading “Love story / “Blessed””

Poetry / “Songs you can’t dance to”

Songs you can’t dance to   The cloud that covers me when I trace the curve of your back   The blindness that overcomes me when I see the back of your knee   The hangover I fight through on the morning after we touch   The momentary blackout you cause as you lean inContinue reading “Poetry / “Songs you can’t dance to””

Poetry / “Red”

Red   The stop signs (two) and traffic lights (too many to count) between his house and hers were (considered by him to be) impediments to the far too few minutes and hours that they spent together each day (or week or month) but the same red lights and signs on his way home wereContinue reading “Poetry / “Red””