10 second love story: “Bullet proof sandwich board love note”

Bullet proof sandwich board love note Long ago and far away I discovered chiseled hieroglyphics on cave walls by torchlight that foretold the story of how we would meet Then I drew our future with chalk on your sidewalk so vividly that it was erased by your father’s hose before April showers could wash it…

10 second love story: “Misplaced heart”

Misplaced heart The morning news showed a story about a baby born with her heart on the outside and as we watched together you in your new world and me in our old one I touched the screen as it beat outside of her body and learned that doctors had to build a hole in…

Backroad Love Story / “Tin boy”

Tin Boy The simultaneous gloss and tack of the Ladies’ Home Journal ran beneath his first two fingers until they came to a stop on an address label showing that it was a mid-1970s October in Connecticut.  Since it was autumn and New England, the memories are tinted orange, and in this case it’s appropriate…

Spoken word poetry by the great Shane Koyczan: “Troll”

Another great spoken word piece by the great Shane Koyczan. Beautifully read and illustrated. In my opinion, he should be required reading/listening in all schools.   **If you liked this, check out Shane’s TED talk: https://stevenharz.com/2014/05/12/shane-koyczan-at-tedxyouthsandiego-2013/  

13 Things I Want To Tell Young Writers

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Sex and the City 1. Making money from your craft isn’t selling out. There’s nothing noble about being a starving artist. Write in your spare time while maintaining a job that pays your bills. If you can get a job writing but it isn’t glamorous, take it. Writing in other…

Poem: “Momentary Atheist”

I studied you tonight as if I were reading and re-reading the Bible in Braille but when I came to the passages reviling fornication I became a momentary atheist — “Momentary Atheist” is included in my book “Songs You Can’t Dance To” which is available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-You-Cant-Dance-Collection-ebook/dp/B00ATQW5XK copyright 2012 Steven Harz  

“Misplaced Heart”

“Misplaced Heart” I recently published an ebook sampler of my work titled “Misplaced Heart” – 99 cents at Amazon it you’d like to take a look! (also, if interested in joining my mailing list please email me at scharz21@yahoo.com – thanks!)

My book, “More Pennies Than Water”

My book, “More Pennies Than Water” In his third collection of fiction and poetry, award-winning writer Steven Harz once again connects readers to stories containing emotions with which we can all connect. In “More Pennies Than Water” he covers themes of loves lost and found as well as rebirth of life and coping with death….

10 second love story / “The intended length of ever after”

This poem was my entry in the 2014 Iron Writer Championship, in which I took second place: “The intended length of ever after” Finding a way to keep alive the allusion of your illusion is more difficult than finding a desert island treasure map X And if I thought I could see you again just…

A truly great read! “Green Grass Grace” by Shawn McBride

Since I am reading “Green Grass Grace” for the 8th time I thought I’d share this great novel with everyone.  Shawn McBride is not only wickedly hysterical, but writes with a tremendous amount of heart. This is one of my favorite books! (If you are interested in joining my mailing list and receiving regular updates on,…