10 second love story / “Somehow”

pickup truck couple



I spend a lot of time above a pen and before a keyboard,

trying to let you know how I feel and what you mean to me,

usually to no avail and causing greater confusion.

I’d like to somehow write away the trail of devastation

that you are now forced to walk in the name of me

making a delusional attempt to save the world.

I need to somehow write us back in time

to the place where we were little more than a rumor

and your eyes were smiling more than sad.

I wish that I could somehow write you into my heart

where you could sit quietly and hear it beat for a while

and listen to the words of my own song,

not the lyrics and message of others.

I should somehow write us a two-person tailgate,

with a honey whiskey paper cup and a six-pack

discussing life – real life – while parked under

a “Jesus is the Answer” billboard.

If I could write all of this somehow, you would

understand perfectly what words are in my head

and what my mouth is trying to say.


10 second love story: “Drops of us”


Drops of us 


Each night I undress

shedding myself of

clothing and consciousness

and emotion

then once I’m asleep

my thoughts of you

in joy and sorrow leak

then pour

into warm sheets

and onto the cold floor so

to keep them from seeping

between the floorboards

and gone forever

I’ve covered my room with

plastic pails and galvanized buckets

so that when I awake

in peace or in pieces

I can drink you back in

and as hard as I can try

not to lose any I cannot

help spilling drops

of us

down my chin and over my heart

“Drops of us” originally appeared in Issue 3

of Indigo Rising UK, February 2013

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August Newsletter: Poem of the Month and 99 cent book sale!


Greetings from Backroad Poetry,


Our Poem of the month is, “My suction cup arrow shot in the dark.” This piece is included in the book, ‘Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes,’ which is on sale in ebook format during the month of August 2017 (paperback is $8.95). Below is a link to the book at Amazon.


My suction cup arrow shot in the dark


Sun swept and long day weary,

you look as perfect as a New Year’s Eve lipstick

after a Mid Atlantic carnival Labor Day.

I start by reading your blouse buttons in Braille

by single flame, queen sized bedroom candlelight,

like the way I wanted to check your body for ticks

after yesterday’s sunset walk along Maryland waterfalls.

Now lying behind you I kiss the small of your back,

realizing it’s the perfect place to hold my new love rather

than some old hurt. With one hand I trace a heart on

your shoulder blade while your mind straddles dreams

and dawn, and with the other hand I hold on tightly

to all that you’ve shown and taught me

as if you are the last thing I’ll ever want to learn.

And as all of the past pain, both yours and mine,

flows over the side of the bed,

and your little body is drowning

in our sea of sheets and blankets

I take careful aim with a carnival midway ring toss prize

at the moon out the window, and proudly make you

my suction cup arrow shot in the dark.


Copyright 2017 Steven Harz



Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy the end of your summer!

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The poetry of Steven Harz / “Wrap around words”

gum girl

Wrap around words


I study you at sunset

as you slowly bend

a stick of Juicy Fruit

against you tongue,

and smile at the way

your lips

wrap around words

just before they leave

your mouth.

copyright 2016

“Wrap around words” is included in the book, ‘Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes” which is on sale for 99 cents during August 2017.

Poem / “Abandoned park swing set”

swing set

My pen is running dry, but if I work wisely

and put my words in the proper order,

and don’t include what we have said to each other,

it probably still has one poem left in it.


I can write a play, one act is all I’ve got in me,

and we can rehearse our lines as they should have been,

or change our old roles into new characters

by changing the parts that led us astray.


We can sit down at kitchen table,

with poker chips and a bottle of wine,

tip our hands a little, and this time begin with

the cards that we’ve yet to show each other.


With a half-empty book of stamps

and a poorly folded glove box Rand McNally,

I can cross the county and fill your mailbox

with post cards from all the places we’d circled on the map.


Or I can walk down a winding road with a flashlight,

a flask, and a pocket full of crumbled love notes,

alone in the heart of the autumn Maryland midnight

searching the abandoned park swing set for first date clues

and reasons why we failed to get this right.

copyright 2017


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