The poetry of s.c. harz / “My every night one night stand”

My every night one night stand   With your hand on the radio and my hand on your heart your top-of-thigh Levi’s cutoffs and frosted and feathered hair are riding shotgun in a 20-year-old F150. As I am look to my right, watching you look to your right, we pass Sparkle Car Wash and the…

Article / “Poetry can help cut depression rates”

From Using poems to help people with depression could save the NHS nearly £200,000 a year, according to research published today for National Poetry Day. A new report based on 196 people with psychological problems found that 75% found writing poems was an emotional release. Two thirds found reading or listening to poetry helped…

Backroad Poetry June Newsletter/Poem of the Month

Greetings from Backroad Poetry, Included in this month’s newsletter is the Poem of the Month, spoken word poetry by Rudy Francisco, a quick micro poem, and a recent review of our recent release, “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds.” Poem of the Month: The wrong North Star Word by word you built your story and I…

The poetry of s.c. harz / “Unknown battle” @BackroadPoetry

Unknown battle   My written words are in an unknown battle with your unspoken thoughts and since neither are audible or discernible to the other or to us the fight will silently rage into the darkness until we are deafened by the peace that could have been — s.c. harz @BackroadPoetry #BackroadPoetry poem of the…

The poetry of s.c. harz / “Yo-yo love”

Yo-yo love   As you know ours is a yo-yo love we are up and down and in an out Imperial and Butterfly rotational energy held together by thin twisted twine we are equal parts Walk-the-dog and Loop-the-Loop but now I am made to Sleep and before I awake am sent Around-the-World over hill and…

Poetry excerpt from “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds”

  This is an excerpt from the poem “Eventually I will miss you forever,” which is included in the collecting titled, ‘Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds,’ which is available in paperback and Kindle / ebook at Amazon.   @BackroadPoetry #BackroadPoetry #HeartShapedWounds #PoetryDoesntRhyme

Poetry / “Neon buzzing”

Neon buzzing Along the route, and under Budweiser buzzing neon in the barroom window above I killed time buying glasses of beer with loose coins collected in the Chevy truck ashtray while trying to count the number of streetlights between you and home. … This poem is included in my collection titled, “Country Songs and…

Poetry Quote / Robert Frost

“A poem begins as a lump in the throat,

a sense of wrong,

a homesickness,

a lovesickness.”

-Robert Frost

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Poetry / “Written history”

There is a box

in your basement or attic

(or in last week’s trash)

overfilled with letters that I’d written

too you and about us

and these memories and poems

and prayers

are one half of our written history

Poetry Month / “North Star”

It is my hope that you don’t end up

following the wrong North Star,

bur in case you arrive safely

in whatever place

you were hoping to go…