The poetry of s.c. harz / “Matches”




Because I told you that

I would find you on the other side,

and I promised,

with an old book of matches

from the site of our first date

I strike head against flint and toss them

one by one

around the dry wooden floor and wait.

Because I made a promise,

and I want to get there first.

This is an excerpt of my poem, “Promise.” Please visit my Amazon author page:





Poetry / “Neon buzzing”

Neon buzzing

Along the route,

and under Budweiser buzzing neon

in the barroom window above

I killed time buying

glasses of beer with loose coins

collected in the Chevy truck ashtray

while trying to count

the number of streetlights

between you and home.

This poem is included in my collection titled, “Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes” – available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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