10 second love story / “The intended length of ever after”

This poem was my entry in the 2014 Iron Writer Championship, in which I took second place: “The intended length of ever after” Finding a way to keep alive the allusion of your illusion is more difficult than finding a desert island treasure map X And if I thought I could see you again justContinue reading “10 second love story / “The intended length of ever after””

My new book: “More Pennies Than Water”

Overview:  In his third collection of fiction and poetry, award-winning writer Steven Harz once again connects readers to stories containing emotions with which we can all connect. In “More Pennies Than Water” he covers themes of loves lost and found as well as rebirth of life and coping with death. Appearing regularly in ‘The IronContinue reading “My new book: “More Pennies Than Water””

My flash fiction piece “A Dent and the Other Half of a Smile” now available

My flash fiction piece “A Dent and the Other Half of a Smile” now available on Gumroad for 99 cents! Click on the photo to come take a look!

10 second love story: “Seated at the right hand”

When you finally gained the strength or courage to roll back the stone that had kept me dead to you for three days or years (I’m not sure) I was missing or hiding from our love and the bandages that covered my emotional wounds were not folded neatly because they were still draped from myContinue reading “10 second love story: “Seated at the right hand””

My poem “Kingsfoil” wins the Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open

I am happy and humbled to have won the inaugural Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open.  The Iron Writer Challenge (www.theironwriter.com) give 4 writers 4 days to write a 500 word story or poem – the catch is that the writers are given 4 disparate elements that must be included.  This week’s elements were: an incubus,Continue reading “My poem “Kingsfoil” wins the Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open”

New poem: Aladdin’s Lamp

Beneath where your hair falls when wet and just above where my arms rest during morning shower hugs is a birthmark in the shape of a magic lamp that used to make you laugh but has made me thankful each day for our too-brief one thousand and one nights and beyond my arm is aContinue reading “New poem: Aladdin’s Lamp”

Challenge 5 of “The Iron Writer Challenge” is in the books!

Thanks to everyone who voted in Challenge 5 of “The Iron Writer Challenge” – the pieces (mine included…) are still there if you weren’t able to get over there during the contest: http://theironwriter.com/the-stories/challenge-5-2/

Writer interview with TM Brown, author of “A Life Not My Own”

Today I am happy to be spending time with author TM Brown.  We initially connected via social media, and I have gotten to know her over the past few months and have found her to be a wonderful person – gracious, supportive, and a terrific writer.  Her novel, “A Life Not My Own” is aContinue reading “Writer interview with TM Brown, author of “A Life Not My Own””

The Iron Writer Challenge – please vote!!!

Hello Friends – I have a favor to ask of you.  This weekend I am participating in “The Iron Writer Challenge” – I know many of you know this but just in case you don’t, it’s a writing contest where four writers are given four disparate elements – for this week’s challenge they are a coconut,Continue reading “The Iron Writer Challenge – please vote!!!”

Love poem: “Hinged velvet box”

Each morning I walk past you enclosed in a glass box with a red painted sign that lets me know in an emergency I’m allowed to break in Each afternoon I will place you in waxed paper and press you between musty leather bound Testaments that teach me your Revelations And each night before bedContinue reading “Love poem: “Hinged velvet box””

My love poem “Paperweight” appears in ‘The Germ’

The Germ, Volume One, Issue One Including my love poem “Paperweight” Available now – get yours today! http://germ-magazine.com/issues.html — Also, please check out my book, “Songs you can’t dance to” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Book reviews: “Songs you can’t dance to”

Here are a few lines form review of my book of love poems and flash fiction: “With ‘Songs you can’t dance to’ Steven Harz begins to explore the key components of the human experience.” “There is comfort in reading ‘Songs You Can’t Dance To’. I challenge anyone to read this gem and not connect toContinue reading “Book reviews: “Songs you can’t dance to””

Love poem: Yo-yo love

As you know ours is a yo-yo love we are up and down and in an out Imperial and Butterfly rotational energy held together by thin twisted twine we are equal parts Walk-the-dog and Loop-the-Loop but now I am made to Sleep and before I awake am sent Around-the-World over hill and dale meadow andContinue reading “Love poem: Yo-yo love”

Another 5-star book review of my book of poetry and flash fiction ‘Songs you can’t dance to’

“Engaging read. Harz manages to translate heartfelt feelings into the written word”  Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-You-Cant-Dance-ebook/product-reviews/B00ATQW5XK

My love poem “Drops of us” has been included in the literary magazine “Indigo Rising UK”

My love poem “Drops of us” has been included in Issue 3 of the literary magazine “Indigo Rising UK”. Please click over and download a copy! http://indigorisinguk.com/

Book trailer for my poetry and flash fiction book “Songs you can’t dance to”

Please take a look at the trailer for my book of flash fiction and poetry, “Songs you can’t dance to” (available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble)