Romance / “Working on Mysteries” from the ‘Romance with a soundtrack’ series

The third in the series called a love story with a soundtrack, “Working on Mysteries” takes you back to times of paneled basements, shag carpet, and a Friday night slow dance. Please enjoy this trip back to discovering new loves and the pain of eventual loss, permanent or otherwise – and the soundtrack that accompaniedContinue reading “Romance / “Working on Mysteries” from the ‘Romance with a soundtrack’ series”

Romance / “Swaying to the Music: A love story with a soundtrack”

“Swaying to the Music: A love story with a soundtrack” is now available for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle! The first in the ‘Love stories with a soundtrack’ series, “Swaying to the Music” takes you back to times of innocence, when days always ended too soon because your first love was blooming and you didn’tContinue reading “Romance / “Swaying to the Music: A love story with a soundtrack””

Five Star Review Sunday – “Gas Station Road Map”

Since I’m a big Steely Dan fan I, of course, love this review I received for my book “Gas Station Road Map”! Steven Harz takes me back to a time when Steely Dan was on the radio and I was finding myself as a person. Very insightful and very talented. Looking forward to more ofContinue reading “Five Star Review Sunday – “Gas Station Road Map””

Retro Post Monday: Excerpt from “She’s as sweet as”

Since this short story was drawn from real life it has always been one of my favorites! Please click through and enjoy this excerpt from “She’s as sweet as”!!

Retro Post Monday – 99 cent sampler of my work titled “Misplaced Heart”

Earlier this year I decided to release a small, but strong, sample of my work that includes both short fiction and poetry. This book is tilted “Misplaced Heart” after one of my favorite pieces contained within. Also, in order to entice more people to take a look, the eBook was priced at just 99 cents!Continue reading “Retro Post Monday – 99 cent sampler of my work titled “Misplaced Heart””

#FridayReads: “Tie-Dyed tomorrow”

Deep in a well called yesterday your love letters to me water damaged and smelling like the year before last are attached with twigs to the mossy stone wall attempting to dry while the fairy tale’s damp blue ink separates on the pages surrounding me with a tie-dyed tomorrow absent of us for now, soContinue reading “#FridayReads: “Tie-Dyed tomorrow””

Friday Poetry: “Cereal box decoder ring”

Your pink pillow now missing had been inside an invisible box with a Crayola note on the back of a love letter treasure map saying something about ‘in case of emergency’ So I go to my drawer and find my cereal box secret decoder ring to decode your internal scars And for external scars IContinue reading “Friday Poetry: “Cereal box decoder ring””

“Gold” – after “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell and James Taylor

He drove along listening to James Taylor sing a new version of an old Glen Campbell song and watched October in Connecticut fly by the morning skyline in a blur of golden leaves and crisp blue skies. With the window down and the breeze hitting his exposed arm he raised his sunglasses in order toContinue reading ““Gold” – after “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell and James Taylor”

Poetry / “Kingsfoil”

Kingsfoil You sing me morning dove lullabies on a Kingsfoil night after spending the day with my hand in your back pocket watching your Ferris Wheel halo and cotton candy smile and thinking that our love is as fragile as a shopping center carnival goldfish or as angry as a South Pacific coconut land crabContinue reading “Poetry / “Kingsfoil””

10 second love story: “Bullet proof sandwich board love note”

Bullet proof sandwich board love note Long ago and far away I discovered chiseled hieroglyphics on cave walls by torchlight that foretold the story of how we would meet Then I drew our future with chalk on your sidewalk so vividly that it was erased by your father’s hose before April showers could wash itContinue reading “10 second love story: “Bullet proof sandwich board love note””

10 second love story: “Misplaced heart”

Misplaced heart The morning news showed a story about a baby born with her heart on the outside and as we watched together you in your new world and me in our old one I touched the screen as it beat outside of her body and learned that doctors had to build a hole inContinue reading “10 second love story: “Misplaced heart””

Backroad Love Story / “Tin boy”

Tin Boy The simultaneous gloss and tack of the Ladies’ Home Journal ran beneath his first two fingers until they came to a stop on an address label showing that it was a mid-1970s October in Connecticut.  Since it was autumn and New England, the memories are tinted orange, and in this case it’s appropriateContinue reading “Backroad Love Story / “Tin boy””

“More Pennies Than Water” on sale for 99 cents until the end of March!

In his third collection of fiction and poetry, award-winning writer Steven Harz once again connects readers to stories containing emotions with which we can all connect. In “More Pennies Than Water” he covers themes of loves lost and found as well as rebirth of life and coping with death. Appearing regularly in “The Iron WriterContinue reading ““More Pennies Than Water” on sale for 99 cents until the end of March!”