Poetry / “Kingsfoil”

Kingsfoil You sing me morning dove lullabies on a Kingsfoil night after spending the day with my hand in your back pocket watching your Ferris Wheel halo and cotton candy smile and thinking that our love is as fragile as a shopping center carnival goldfish or as angry as a South Pacific coconut land crabContinue reading “Poetry / “Kingsfoil””

My poem “Kingsfoil” wins the Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open

I am happy and humbled to have won the inaugural Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open.  The Iron Writer Challenge (www.theironwriter.com) give 4 writers 4 days to write a 500 word story or poem – the catch is that the writers are given 4 disparate elements that must be included.  This week’s elements were: an incubus,Continue reading “My poem “Kingsfoil” wins the Iron Writer Challenge Summer Solstice Open”