New story excerpt! “Alabama mix tape and a No. 2 pencil”

An excerpt from the soon-to-be published coming of age love story “Alabama Mix Tape and a No. 2 Pencil” While using a behind the ear Algebra class No. 2 pencil chewed, pointless, and minus an eraser he rewinds an Alabama mix tape so it can be played through self-installed three-way back shelf speakers She staresContinue reading “New story excerpt! “Alabama mix tape and a No. 2 pencil””

Poetry / “Holy water shot glass”

Holy water shot glass   Intoxicating and excruciating, a baggy Bob Marley T-shirt hanging off your shoulder when we first met I felt I should be forced to walk a sidewalk straight line and touch an extended finger to my nose. On weekend barstools we alternated playing the game and arguing the rules with noContinue reading “Poetry / “Holy water shot glass””

10 second love story: “Charting a path”

This week we wind back the clock to take another look at my piece titled “Charting a path” I hope you enjoy!   My eBooks of poetry and romance are available at Etsy – please visit my page:

Poetry / “Diner placemat love note”

I have become a front porch Bell jar wino looking for yesterday But all I want is to be a back alley junkie freebasing glimpses of tomorrow And on each day of your absence I’ve received a morphine drip of your perceived value While fearing the dark and squinting to find your fading light AtContinue reading “Poetry / “Diner placemat love note””

Poetry / Sierra DeMulder’s stunning “Your Son Has a Beautiful Voice”

I have posted Sierra DeMulder’s work in the past, and I will again in the future I’m sure.  This week please read her stunning poem “Your Son Has a Beautiful Voice” Read it. Now. Then read it again later. It’s that good…..

Spoken Word Thursday – Gage Wallace performs “Joseph Speaks To Mary” @ButtonPoetry

I’m pretty sure that there is some blasphemy in here somewhere (!!) but this is beautiful nonetheless. Please enjoy Gage Wallace’s reading of “Joseph Speaks To Mary”on Button Poetry!

#PoetryWednesday – “Aladdin’s lamp”

Aladdin’s lamp Beneath where your hair falls when wet and just above where my arms rest during morning shower hugs is a birthmark in the shape of a magic lamp that used to make you laugh but has made me thankful each day for our too-brief one thousand and one nights and beyond my armContinue reading “#PoetryWednesday – “Aladdin’s lamp””

Reblog Tuesday: “14 Lines From Love Letters Or Suicide Notes” by Doc Luben @BarkingDoc

In this week’s episode of Reblog Tuesday we visit the blog of Oregon-based poet Doc Luben – ‘Diesel Powered Rag Doll’ – and specifically his poem titled “14 Lines From Love Letters Or Suicide Notes”. This poem is terrific in written form, and is very powerfully delivered in spoken word (coming soon…). Enjoy!

In memory of the late, great Russ Poole

After a lengthy and valiant battle with cancer, the father of one of my long-time, very dear, friends has passed. I wrote, and posted, the following upon hearing of his initial diagnosis. The date was June 24, 2008: “What’s up, Jack?” was usually the greeting when we entered the house, even though none of usContinue reading “In memory of the late, great Russ Poole”

A new poem: “Diner placemat love note”

Diner placemat love note   I have become a front porch Bell jar wino looking for yesterday but all I want is to be a back alley junkie freebasing glimpses of tomorrow and on each day of your absence I’ve received a morphine drip of your perceived value while fearing the dark and squinting toContinue reading “A new poem: “Diner placemat love note””

10 second love story: “Bullet proof sandwich board love note”

Bullet proof sandwich board love note Long ago and far away I discovered chiseled hieroglyphics on cave walls by torchlight that foretold the story of how we would meet Then I drew our future with chalk on your sidewalk so vividly that it was erased by your father’s hose before April showers could wash itContinue reading “10 second love story: “Bullet proof sandwich board love note””

“Hope heaven” by Shawn McBride

Shawn McBride is the author of “Green Grass Grace” which one of the best, most hilarious and heartfelt books I’ve ever read (do yourself a favor, read it very soon!). Recently Shawn wrote this post on his Facebook page and it it truly beautiful, especially if you have kids. Take a look!

10 second love story: “Misplaced heart”

Misplaced heart The morning news showed a story about a baby born with her heart on the outside and as we watched together you in your new world and me in our old one I touched the screen as it beat outside of her body and learned that doctors had to build a hole inContinue reading “10 second love story: “Misplaced heart””

Backroad Love Story / “Tin boy”

Tin Boy The simultaneous gloss and tack of the Ladies’ Home Journal ran beneath his first two fingers until they came to a stop on an address label showing that it was a mid-1970s October in Connecticut.  Since it was autumn and New England, the memories are tinted orange, and in this case it’s appropriateContinue reading “Backroad Love Story / “Tin boy””

Flash fiction love story: “Working on mysteries”

It was music that had first attracted them to each other. When with his friends, the barrage of “Back in Black” and “Running with the Devil” was non-stop. In the quieter moments, alone in his room with the headset tethering him to the avocado green stereo by a twisted twelve foot cord, or cruising inContinue reading “Flash fiction love story: “Working on mysteries””

My new book: “More Pennies Than Water”

Overview:  In his third collection of fiction and poetry, award-winning writer Steven Harz once again connects readers to stories containing emotions with which we can all connect. In “More Pennies Than Water” he covers themes of loves lost and found as well as rebirth of life and coping with death. Appearing regularly in ‘The IronContinue reading “My new book: “More Pennies Than Water””