10 Second love story: “Tie-Dyed tomorrow”

  Deep in a well called yesterday your love letters to me water damaged and smelling like the year before last are attached with twigs to the mossy stone wall attempting to dry while the fairy tale’s damp blue ink separates on the pages surrounding me with a tie-dyed tomorrow absent of us for now,Continue reading “10 Second love story: “Tie-Dyed tomorrow””

Poem: “Unknown battle”

My written words are in an unknown battle with your unspoken thoughts and since neither are audible or discernible to the other or to us the fight will silently rage into the darkness until we are deafened by the peace that could have been — copyright 2013 Steven Harz — “Unknown battle” originally appeared inContinue reading “Poem: “Unknown battle””

Poetry / “A new cure”

Each day I collect couch cushion pennies Lincoln wheat copper zinc in a dented tin bucket that I stored secretly under our bed until the time came for me to need an abandoned wishing well Behind our house on welcome wooded walks path tracks bridge brook you gathered weeds and wildflowers in turn of theContinue reading “Poetry / “A new cure””

Love poem: “Hinged velvet box”

Each morning I walk past you enclosed in a glass box with a red painted sign that lets me know in an emergency I’m allowed to break in Each afternoon I will place you in waxed paper and press you between musty leather bound Testaments that teach me your Revelations And each night before bedContinue reading “Love poem: “Hinged velvet box””

My love poem “Paperweight” appears in ‘The Germ’

The Germ, Volume One, Issue One Including my love poem “Paperweight” Available now – get yours today! http://germ-magazine.com/issues.html — Also, please check out my book, “Songs you can’t dance to” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

From my love poem “Two senses”

An excerpt from my poem “Two senses” “now that you are gone (have left) your missing voice is the loudest thing that I hear (in my head)” — copyright 2012 Steven Harz — From my book “Songs you can’t dance to” available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-You-Cant-Dance-ebook/dp/B00ATQW5XK

Another 5-star book review of my book of poetry and flash fiction ‘Songs you can’t dance to’

“Engaging read. Harz manages to translate heartfelt feelings into the written word”  Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-You-Cant-Dance-ebook/product-reviews/B00ATQW5XK