Poetry / Sierra DeMulder’s stunning “Your Son Has a Beautiful Voice”

I have posted Sierra DeMulder’s work in the past, and I will again in the future I’m sure.  This week please read her stunning poem “Your Son Has a Beautiful Voice” Read it. Now. Then read it again later. It’s that good….. http://www.sierrademulder.com/text/

Reblog Tuesday – Gabriel Gadfly’s “Why I Hate Reading Maps”

I love the work of Gabriel Gadfly, so we take a return visit to his site for this week’s Reblog Tuesday for “Why I Hate Reading Maps” – this is simple. brief, and heartfelt. Hopefully you enjoy it! http://gabrielgadfly.com/poetry/why-i-hate-reading-maps/

Reblog Tuesday: Chelsea Coreen’s “The Patron Saint of Drunk Girls at Homecoming Dances” @chelseacoreen

During my weekly spin through the poetry blogosphere I was happy to come across the site of Chelsea Coreen (link below) and in doing so was struck by her poem “The Patron Saint of Drunk Girls at Homecoming Dances” – first, because the title is provocative and then because the work itself is wonderful.  Here itContinue reading “Reblog Tuesday: Chelsea Coreen’s “The Patron Saint of Drunk Girls at Homecoming Dances” @chelseacoreen”

Reblog Tuesday: a Christmas-tinted poem by @nicolepasq titled “She unfolded” at @TipsyLit

Although not really a Christmas poem, since this piece mentions Christmas, and is a great read, I’m counting it! We have visited Tipsy Lit before – a lot of great stuff over there! Also, we have featured Nicole Marie in the past and I’m sure we will again – I really like her work. http://tipsylit.com/2014/12/20/she-unfolded/

Reblog Tuesday: “14 Lines From Love Letters Or Suicide Notes” by Doc Luben @BarkingDoc

In this week’s episode of Reblog Tuesday we visit the blog of Oregon-based poet Doc Luben – ‘Diesel Powered Rag Doll’ – and specifically his poem titled “14 Lines From Love Letters Or Suicide Notes”. This poem is terrific in written form, and is very powerfully delivered in spoken word (coming soon…). Enjoy! https://doclubenpoetry.tumblr.com/post/90701663175/14-lines-from-love-letters-or-suicide-notes

Reblog Tuesday: “poems by ericka clay” @ErickaMClay

I have the pleasure of following Ericka on multiple social media platforms – the link below is her Tumblr blog – and as thought-provoking as her writing is, she is equally as funny. Ericka is a published novelist and is the founder of Tipsy Lit. This poem, titled “Seconds”, is a favorite of mine and isContinue reading “Reblog Tuesday: “poems by ericka clay” @ErickaMClay”

Reblog Tuesday: “girl” by Nicole Marie @nicolepasq

As much as I like to spread it around, this week I was again taken by a poem by Nicole Marie so we get to read her for the second time this month! “girl” is beautifully written and the imagery is amazing. Please check this out! http://wordsandotherthings.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/girl/

Reblog Tuesday: “Love Hungry For Itself” by @TaylorMali

I’m sure we all know the work of Taylor Mali, so this week I thought it would be great to take a spin over to his site, and specifically to his poem “Love Hungry For Itself” – one of my many Taylor Mali favorites.  Enjoy! http://www.taylormali.com/poems-online/love-hungry-for-itself/

Reblog Tuesday: “Remedies” by Nicole Marie on @TipsyLit

One of the blogs I follow is Tipsy Lit – some terrific work there, and this week I was intrigued by a poem titled “Remedies” by Nicole Marie. There is a lot of wonderful work over there – Check it out! http://tipsylit.com/2014/11/08/remedies/

Reblog Tuesday: the poem “hole” by @JustRene

Today I offer up the poem “hole” by Rene at the Tumblr blog ‘Oh Look! Donuts!’ – I really enjoy her work and visit her site often. “hole”, like much of Rene’s work, is beautiful in it’s brevity and simplicity – check it out: https://ohlookdonuts.tumblr.com/post/100622663480/hole

Reblog Tuesday: “Location, location, location” by Gabriel Gadfly

I am a big fan of contemporary poet Gabriel Gadfly, and this is one of my favorites – i hope you enjoy! In case you are unfamiliar with Gabriel, here is the bio from his web site: “Gabriel Gadfly is 27 years old. Originally from Ozark, AL, he currently lives in Birmingham, AL. He isContinue reading “Reblog Tuesday: “Location, location, location” by Gabriel Gadfly”