Excerpt from “She’s as sweet as”

Startled at first he reached his arms around her back and slowly gathered her in. The weight of her sweater, layered over the requisite white turtleneck, is something he can remember today if he closes his eyes and lets himself drift. Palm against the small of her back, his fingers were outstretched and his left hand moved upward to the back of her neck and right hand slid down and moved from the soft knit of the sweater to the coarse wool of her skirt. When he did this she gently, yet purposefully, moved herself against him – a punishable offense for a cheerleader in uniform, but six weeks is a long time. Once the contact was made, and her torso recognized his, her eyebrows raised and she smiled as if to say not now, later. The arcs and triangles of the full body embrace made him momentarily think of the geometry class he took two years and 200 feet from that very spot.

“She’s as sweet as” is contained, in its entirety, in my book of short fiction and poetry, “Songs you can’t dance to”: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-You-Cant-Dance-ebook/dp/B00ATQW5XK

copyright 2012 Steven Harz

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