Poem: Written History

There is a box

in your basement or attic

(or in last week’s trash)

overfilled with letters that I’d written

too you and about us

and these memories and poems

and prayers

are one half of our written history.

Beneath my bed is a similar box

filled with your writing

and lip prints and smells

(I keep the box closed to hold them in)

detailing what then was love but now are lies

although I know that you meant it all


And since history is written by the winner

(or so I’ve been told)

and you left and I’m here

and alone

I am on the losing end

but the box beneath me

will continue to hold me up

because in actuality I am victorious

for having been given you

for a period of time that is vivid now

(but will fade over time).

And just as the memories begin to lilt

the box will come out and the lid will be opened

and the words and lips and perfumed pages

will become you twisted with me and I hope

you will be aware of me then.

©Steven Harz, 2012

From my book “Songs you can’t dance to” – available at Amazon:


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  1. Your killing me…

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