10 second love story: “Two senses”

From my book of poetry and short fiction titled “Song’s you can’t dance to” – now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

While you were here

(and were mine)

my mind was deaf and blind

(or numb)

and everything you said and did

was silent and invisible

But now that you are gone

(have left)

your missing voice is

the loudest thing that I hear

(in my head)

and your absent actions

are more vivid than ever

And I cannot wait

(but will have to)

for you to change your mind

(if ever you do)

so that my mind

can once again

be silent

(but no longer numb)

and my eyes will no longer be shrouded

by my self-imposed blindness

copyright 2012 Steven Harz

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7 responses to “10 second love story: “Two senses””

      1. I am sure many will relate to those words, with remorse!

        By the way, if you can, leave a comment/review for my flash fiction 🙂

  1. My brain thinks like that too.
    Cool to see it in text!

  2. Makes one think how we take each other for granted

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