Advanced review of my eBook “Songs you can’t dance to”

“Harz captures the exhilaration, pain and frustration of love all the while making you strive to find the perfect balance. The feel good ones like “Red”, “Context”, “Order”, “Written History” and of course, “Songs You Can’t Dance to” bring an urge to find the one we love and let them know NOW! While others such as “While”, “Two Senses”, “I Can Never”, “Unknown Battle”, “Silent Roar”, “Chronicle” and “Disease” pierce your heart with memories of love gone bad or an undying commitment to not let it happen to you – pain, truth and appreciation pour out of these works. And then there is “Momentary Atheist” – Hot Damn! – passion and throwing all caution to the wind! “My Hands” and “Hallowed Ground” remind us of what should be most important in our chaotic world and “Torturous” keeps it all realistic – understanding that love aint easy and sometimes a burden.

I thoroughly enjoyed these honest, heartfelt and “reflectionary” poems of love – some may be good for Valentines Day but most may help us reflect on our own love, lack of love or search for love and no Hallmark card can ever fit that bill. Keep it going Steven Harz – we all need to stop and reflect on the importance of love and the never ending exploration for it!”

-R.J. Mabey

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