Poem: Heraclitus

When we sat side by side

and row by row

watching sideways rain beat

the side of the building

at the far end of campus

our professor taught us that

the weeping philosopher suggested

you can’t enter the same river twice

and this must be true

because I swim in you daily

disrobed with despair

and witness the change in temperature

glacier to boil to beach

the metamorphosis of creatures

minnow to piranha and back

and the strength of the current

trickle to brook to river

and as you empty into a sea

I will whisper

my sorrow and my hope

into a bottle

replace the cork

and toss it

into you

copyright 2013 Steven Harz

Please check out my book of poetry and short fiction “Songs you can’t dance to”


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2 responses to “Poem: Heraclitus”

  1. very clever, excellent 🙂

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