Love poem: “Hinged velvet box”

Each morning I walk past you

enclosed in a glass box

with a red painted sign

that lets me know in an emergency

I’m allowed to break in

Each afternoon I will

place you in waxed paper

and press you between

musty leather bound Testaments

that teach me your Revelations

And each night before bed

I will take you off of my finger

and put you in a hinged velvet box

that reminds you and me

of your ultimate value

copyright 2013 Steven Harz

Please check out my book “Songs you can’t dance to”

Published by Steven Harz

Steven Harz was the 2013 winner of the international People's Poetry Contest and is a three-time winner of The Iron Writer Challenge. In his writing, Steven captures the exhilaration, pain, and frustration of love, all the while making you strive to find the perfect balance. His work will pierce your heart with memories of love gone bad or an undying commitment to not let that happen to you - pain, truth, and appreciation pour out of his words. Steven's works have appeared in Inwood Indiana Press' Tracks, Voices 2, Donut Factory, Words+Pictures, Ink Monkey Magazine, The Germ, The Voices Project, Pocket Thoughts, and Indigo Rising UK.

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