Writer interview with TM Brown, author of “A Life Not My Own”


Today I am happy to be spending time with author TM Brown.  We initially connected via social media, and I have gotten to know her over the past few months and have found her to be a wonderful person – gracious, supportive, and a terrific writer.  Her novel, “A Life Not My Own” is a great read and I encourage you to experience her story as I did.

Here is a portion of our conversation:

Hello! Could you give us a quick introduction on yourself and your book?

Hi I’m TM Brown.  I live in Stroudsburg PA with my daughter. I’m an Engineer by day, author by night.  My first book, “A Life Not My Own”, is the story of my childhood and young adult life.  There’s love, loss, loneliness, triumph and much more within the pages.

What is the message of “A Life Not My Own” that you want readers to take away?

I want my readers to know that all things are impossible with perseverance and God’s help! 

What books have most influenced your writing the most?

I have my own style and I just write from the heart.  I want my readers to feel as if there’s only the two of us having a chat.  I want them to” feel” what I describe in the book.

Are there any writers that you tend to gravitate towards?

No one in particular comes to mind.  But I do prefer stories about real-life experiences

What book are you reading now? 

I’m not reading anything at the moment. I’m focused on writing a second book .

That’s great – what is your next project?  

My next project is a story created from conversations that my grandma and I have had over the years.  I like how the characters and the storyline are unfolding so far.

Did “A Life Not My Own” turn out the way you’d hoped? 

The experience of authorship has been awesome.  I love my first attempt at publishing. 

In hindsight, would you change anything? 

If I could change anything, it would be to have my work professionally edited.  It never occurred to me that my book would actually reach as many people as it has.

What difficulties did you have writing “A Life Not My Own” 

The book is very personal.  Writing it was difficult as times.  Sometimes, I wrote through tears.  My book started as a diary.  I dreamed that maybe one day it might be seen by friends and families, but never thought it would reach as many people as it has.

Is there anything that you’d like to say to your readers?  

As they read my book, I hope that they will find encouragement for whatever struggles they have in their lives.  Mine have been many.  Never give up. 


TM Brown’s novel, “A Life Not My Own” is available on Amazon:


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