Wow! Amazing book review of “Gas Station Road Map”

“Gas Station Road Map once again provides Steven Harz the opportunity to show us the tough road of Love always keeping in mind the hope for what we all desire. Love is present throughout – especially in Hundreds of Words, Stick Figure You, Tie Dyed Tomorrow, Charting a Path, Stitched Together Heart and Yo Yo Love among others but Religious thoughts are present intertwining hints of Love and images of the powerful force and hope of something larger in Paperweight, Wait, Anno Domini and Seated at the Right Hand. The philosophical journey of Heraclitis makes me recall the teachings of that River never quite being the same or is it? But also the paths we often take right or left, up or down are all the same – aren’t they? Heraclitis was very cool. Gunpowder Ghosts tries to explain the inexplicable but righteously fails to do so which is only appropriate. Gas Station Road Map had me thinking about Penny Candy, Catskill Game Farm, 8 Track Players, Fondue Pots and Bob Seger…..I want to keep reading that one over and over hoping that I might be brought back to those travels in that 1977 Buick LeSabre traveling all over the East Coast and Canada – when I started to write my own history. Thanks for bringing the memories roaring back Mr. Harz in the most “Springsteenish” of ways – we all need you to appreciate where we’ve been, what we are doing, where we want to go and how to love the one we want to love.”

Please check out “Gas Station Road Map” on Amazon:

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