My poem “Drops of us”

Each night I undress

shedding myself of

clothing and consciousness

and emotion

then once I’m asleep

my thoughts of you

in joy and sorrow leak

then pour

into warm sheets

and onto the cold floor so

to keep them from seeping

between the floorboards

            and gone forever

I’ve covered my room with

plastic pails and galvanized buckets

so that when I awake

            in peace or in pieces

I can drink you back in

and as hard as I can try

not to lose any I cannot

help spilling drops

            of us

down my chin and over my heart


Copyright 2014 Steven Harz 

“Drops of us” originally appeared in Issue 3 of Indigo Rising UK, February 2013 and is included in my book “Gas Station Road Map” available at Amazon:


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