My appearance on ‘Journal Jabber’ reading my poem “Gas station road map”

My appearance on ‘Journal Jabber’ reading my poem “Gas station road map”

“We have an exciting show this afternoon as we hear competitive microfiction readings for the annual Iron Writer challenge.  The four winners of the last year come together pen to pen to fight for the honor of being named the Iron Writer 2014.  Joining us will be Amanda Huntley, owner of Three Fates Press and Line by Lion publishing houses.  An Iron Writer enthusiast, she will be on hand to discuss the art of microfiction, how it can affect your work as an author and the world of publishing.  You can join Iron Writers and experience the thrill of competitive microfiction at

Your host will be Angela Yuriko Smith, and today’s show is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing.  This show will also be available on YouTube as the first show offered on our new channel.  See what’s ahead on the schedule here.”

(I begin at the 48:30 mark)

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