“The Fault In Our Stars” – I don’t want to “use my 10”

I’m a crier. Ask anyone. I’m not ashamed. There are hundreds of songs, TV shows, and movies that have brought me to tears in the past and will continue to do so. I’m that easy.

Tonight I saw “The Fault In our Stars” and did not cry.  Oh, I wanted to, believe me, but as a parent I wouldn’t allow myself. You see, while the story was one of fiction to the audience in attendance, it’s a very real one for many (too many) families – and to cry would have been to acknowledge the fact that it could happen to me and to us and frankly, as with Hazel, I do not ever want to “use my 10.”

I applaud the movie and loved watching it, but if it’s ok with everyone, I kept it at arms length – something i haven’t done before and don’t know that I will do again.

And with that, tremendous kudos to Mr. Green, his Hazel Grace and Augustus, and everyone associated with the film. I promise you your work will hit me in the next day or so and, at that point, tears will be shed.

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