New book: “Ironology 2014: The Iron Writer Championship Series”

I have participated many times in the Iron Writer Challenge, and have been fortunate to win a few. In The Challenge 5 authors are given 4 disparate elements (in one case mine were a coconut, a wheel from a covered wagon, a vacuum tube radio and a Komodo dragon…!) and then have 5 days to incorporate the elements into a 500-word piece.

This book – “Ironology 2014” – is a compilation of the winning stories of The Challenge. “Ironology” is available in both paperback and ebook formats (see link below).

Description from Amazon: “The Iron Writer is a web-based flash fiction competition. It is about crafting short, element based stories in a competitive environment; winner take all.

It was conceived out of the desire to help writers of all skill levels improve the writing through fast, fun skirmishes with other writers using elements common to each story. From around the world, writers have gathered and competed. Some are veterans of the craft; some are new to the game. Yet all of them were willing to do battle to discover if they were worthy of carrying the title of Iron Writer.

Contained here are the winning stories by the current champions of…

The Iron Writer Challenge.”

Take a look here:


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  1. Thanks Steve.

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