Poetry / “Kingsfoil”


You sing me morning dove lullabies on a Kingsfoil night

after spending the day with my hand in your back pocket

watching your Ferris Wheel halo and cotton candy smile

and thinking that our love is as fragile as a

shopping center carnival goldfish

or as angry as a South Pacific coconut land crab \so close to the coast where we spread out beach towels

and look past the waves to the west

It is no secret that you are my Achilles heel kryptonite

in our combat boot love affair rich with

depth charge kisses and camouflage espionage

and rather than hitching a ride from a funeral procession

we hotwire a 1976 Duster and its racing stripes and snakeskin roof

and when we can’t drive another mile or town

we click the dashboard mounted player to track 1 of

‘Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy’

driving between sunsets and city limits

arguing which one of us is which

and questioning whether our love is still

green and growing or dry and gone

my words gasoline and your touch a lit match

needing to set fire to ourselves in order to

have light to read the map

that will take us back to the shore where our love can bloom or

at least tread water

or to the middle of the planet where it will

die among the empty sand dunes

but not knowing which we throw our rope from

our Tower of Babel to a Tower of Silence

and walk the tightrope between

misunderstanding and the bleaching bones of the dead

where my fear of dying alone is replaced with

a fear of dying without you

we become each other’s’ incubus and succubus

hovering in unison and trying to spawn a fulfilling forever

from erotic evil dreams

and scraping the dirt beneath us while prowling for hope

refusing to throw in the beach towel as we’ve done

too many times before

“Kingsfoil” originally appeared as the winning piece in the ‘Iron Writer Summer Equinox Challenge’ 2013 and is included in my book, “More Pennies Than Water”, available at Amazon in Kindle format:


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4 responses to “Poetry / “Kingsfoil””

  1. Very nice, this Kingsfoil poem of yours. Coincidentally, this Kingsfoil, the band, is also very nice – https://kingsfoil.bandpage.com/. (I have no stock in the band, btw, just sharing to mark the coincidence of names and in quality)

    1. Hi Kurt! I’m a huge Kingsfoil fan. This was written with them in mind, and actually pays homage to a few of their songs!

      1. Wow. Talk about coincidence then. Actually, they are from my neck of the woods. I knew they were getting a long over due following but never would have imagined I’d bump into a fan of theirs here…awesome.

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