Poetry / “Abandoned funhouse mirror maze”


Abandoned funhouse mirror maze

I’d been in need of something

sturdy to stand next to

because your kiss was so

violent that it bruised

and had purpose but that was

before now and after then

and I know why you had to leave

Now I have empty buckets filled

with blank letters that I’ve

wanted to send had I not known

they’d be returned for

insufficient address or piled

in a heap under your front door’s

abandoned mail slot

When we were small I called a gavel

a ‘hammer’ which makes sense with the

kangaroo court ball peen justice

you have delivered to me with

such velocity that

my fingertips are still numb

While you’ve been gone

I leapt from such great heights

onto my head to induce amnesia

so I could forget my longing and

loss of you

To lure you home I have built

a castle from an

abandoned funhouse mirror maze

so that you can

kiss yourself better

at every turn

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