Poetry / More Pennies Than Water” (for Sue and Steve)

Country Songs BW

For Sue and Steve

A generation ago they had

fallen in then out

of love

and learned that in either case

there was no net

Onward they moved to

separate points on the same map

and with their hearts affixed

to different “I Do’s”

their minds occasionally wandered

back to each other in times of quiet

like sermons and snowfall

Every so often he launched

a prayer skyward

then dropped a penny

and a wish

down a well

She put a bookmark in the 80s

but from time-to-time

attached messages to balloons

releasing them

against the wind

with her right hand while crossing

the fingers of her left

Over the years time was measured

in increments of faith and hope

and eventually the well was

more pennies than water

giving him the boost needed

to see over the wall

and upwards

towards a now-descending balloon

and its note

saying an old “I love you” in a new kind of way

and finally allowing him to

uncross his own fingers

 copyright 2014 Steven Harz

“More pennies than water” is contained in my collection titled, ‘Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes’ – available at Amazon in paperback and eBook.

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