Poetry / “Diner placemat love note”

diner placemat

I have become a

front porch Bell jar wino

looking for yesterday

But all I want is to be

a back alley junkie

freebasing glimpses of tomorrow

And on each day of your absence

I’ve received a morphine drip

of your perceived value

While fearing the dark

and squinting to find

your fading light

At first we loved slowly

as if our touch was a match

that would send up any remaining oxygen

But later we found out we matched

however not each other

causing us to softly fade

Like a cry for help in a soundproof room

or a reframed photograph hung on a different wall

all leading to your evaporation.

So now I’m stuck

and have abandoned myself

on a Formica counter swivel stool

With an empty plastic

methadone shot glass

in one hand

Writing this diner placemat love note with the other

mind failing and my heart barely strong enough

to pump your entire short life.

Copyright 2013 Steven Harz

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