Romance / “Swaying to the Music: A love story with a soundtrack”

“Swaying to the Music: A love story with a soundtrack” is now available for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle!

The first in the ‘Love stories with a soundtrack’ series, “Swaying to the Music” takes you back to times of innocence, when days always ended too soon because your first love was blooming and you didn’t want to let it go, even for a scant few hours.

Please enjoy this quick, but poignant, trip back to fast cars and country roads and the soundtrack that accompanied your life – whether it includes Pat Benatar, John Cougar Melencamp, or any other artist of your choosing – and hopefully still does.

Also, included on the ‘flip side,’ is the award-winning “Dashboard drawing board.”

My eBooks of poetry and romance are available at Etsy – please visit my page:

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