Poetry / “Songs you can’t dance to”

Songs you cant dance to_cover

Songs you can’t dance to


The cloud that covers me when

I trace the curve of your back


The blindness that overcomes me

when I see the back of your knee


The hangover I fight through

on the morning after we touch


The momentary blackout you cause

as you lean in eyes closed for a kiss


The dense fog that surrounds

when you show me your love


The deafening beat of my heart

as it is pressed onto yours


The numbing buzz of my skin

underneath your fingertips


The frantic swim to the surface

so I don’t drown in my emotion

and in our twisted tangled sheets


As I wait for you to come back

from sleep and your dreams

these all invade my head


And as with songs you can’t dance to

I am beside you listening to them

in a warm horizontal haze

copyright 2012 Steven Harz

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