Poetry / “Driveway goodnight kiss” is published in ‘Tracks’


Inwood Indiana is at it again! Despite being the smallest press in the world™, Inwood Indiana attracts talented writers from all over.

This issue features fine fiction and poetry by Mitchell Allen, Christine Angersola, Mary Bamburg, Gary Beck, April Mae Berza, Reilly Blackwell, Meg Boeni, Eric Bonholtzer, Ute Carson, Anna Cates, Jakob Chapman, Giulia Ciaghi, Chad Collins, Linda Crate, Carrington Curphy, Shelby Dallman, Ashley Dean, JD DeHart, Darren C. Demaree, Stefanie Durbin, Lauren Frank, Charles Frode, Tim Gardiner, Diane Gillette, Joann Grisetti, Mary Gunn, Deborah Guzzi, Frank Haberle, Robert Hansen, Richard Hartwell, Steve Harz, C. Z. Heyward, John Horvath Jr., Saloni Kaul, Teddy Kimathi, Ani King, Samuel Kjellberg, Matt Kolbet, Kate LaDew, Ken Leland, Georgia MacShane, Joan McNerney, Stephen Mcquiggan, Charles Mercer, Alan Meyrowitz, Caroline Misner, Gloria Monaghan, Katherine Morais, Michael L. Newell, James B. Nicola, Timothy Norton, Sarah Olson, Michelle Ong, Eliana Osborn, Scott Outlar, E. Panziera, John Petriccione, Josh Rank, Stephen Reynolds, Anina Robb, Joe Roberts, KJ Roby, Deborah Rocheleau, Nicholas Roos, Ethan Forrest Ross, Linda Sacco, Toni Scales, Nathanial Seifert, Alan Semrow, Wesley Shainline, Shirley Smothers, Paul Soto, Adam Sprague, Emily Strauss, Derek Sugamosto, Doug Van Hooser, Jennifer Weber, Mary L Westcott, Steve Wiley, and K.B. Woods.

6 X 9, 238 Pages, Perfect Bound with full color cover in Matte finish. This is a big book!


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