Romance / “B is for Browne”

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B is for Browne



How will I know if we’re through, she asked half kidding, even though they’d only been together since the hot summer and now it was the crisp fall.


He explained that being a fan of what he calls ‘suicide music’ that any dark period in his life, and that includes breakups, would involve Jackson Browne’s “Late for the Sky” album, and this seed was forgotten as quickly as it was planted and they went about the business of falling in love.


A vibrant and explosive autumn, both in foliage and flesh, was filled with farm fairs and hayrides. Intimate dinners and intimacy in general, slowly fused into a bleak winter filled with detachment and avoidance as their first Christmas Eve led to their last Valentine’s Day and consecutive nights together gave way to multiple days apart. The more she asked the less he responded and the one sided rift grew as she clung onto everything and he evaporated into nothing.


Although she, like everyone else, had been through all of this before – both on the giving and receiving ends – this one was harder because it was now and it was him. She knew that all they had intertwined was now unraveling and there was nothing to do but get caught up in the funnel cloud of despair.


Last year’s Autumn smells of pumpkins and burning leaves were replaced by today’s frost in the air and the chill of the mood and one day when he was out, somewhere other than where he said he’d be, she went to his album collection – alphabetically aligned by artist’s last name – and saw the gap in the B’s.

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