Poetry / “Gunpowder ghosts”

gunpowder ghost1

Gunpowder ghosts


I am unsure that you still exist because

my memories are grainy and out of focus

like films of bigfoot

lumbering across the landscape

leaving footprints real or not


Perhaps you’re still here and

are held up by invisible strings

like blurry pie plates in UFO films

that we once watched on a

second hand black and white Zenith


I have tried to find you

in movies of the Bermuda Triangle

between the invisible wreckage

of hull and fuselage on

the possible coast of Atlantis


Unclear and unstill the

photos of Loch Ness

forbid me from finding you

on her shores in the Highlands

and in the shadows of sea serpents


Finally six stories above

Zapruder’s 8mm vantage point

among the gunpowder ghosts of

Jack and Oswald and Ruby

I find you deciding whether you

are anything more than a hoax

as you polish your barrel

and weigh the options of

pulling your own trigger

_ _ _ _

copyright 2014

_ _ _ _

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