FREE eBook: “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds”


This weekend, today through Sunday night, my book, “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds,” is free on Amazon!

This is a 5-star reviewed book (only a few reviews, so please read, and then review if you wouldn’t mind!) of little pieces that are insightful and nostalgic. Overall, a quick, but enjoyable read.


“Wow, great read, Steven Harz! Emotionally charged. Takes you back to times and memories we’ve all had and can identify with. So vivid, you can picture the setting clearly in your mind. Simpler times, while passionately bittersweet.”

“What a great read! Harz delivers a series of poems that lead you thru love & loss, happiness & heartache, present & past. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.”

Thanks for taking a look at “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds” – I hope you enjoy!

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