#WorldPoetryDay – “Eventually I will miss you forever” by s.c. harz

This poem, ‘Eventually I will miss you forever,’ appears in my book, “Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes” – available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle (link at bottom). 


Beneath falling oak leaves and behind

the Second Lutheran Church,

beyond a fuchsia-fused fall sunset and

above Main Street’s hardware store a

second-hand ’74 Plymouth, parked and

bisected by the early moonlight shadow

of the Saturday evening steeple above, has its

interior illuminated by a dashboard radio with

Top 40 tunes softly sent from the towers of

Charm City to the south.


Before you find something

you have to look for it,

and after I’d longingly looked for you

in all the wrong places

and in all of the wrong people,

I rediscovered you

in an early eighties

church hall high school dance

just a stone’s throw from the

that weekend’s upcoming body and blood.


With an old virgin hanging lonely above

and a new one swaying right in front of me,

singing sweet autumn syllables

as soft as early spring,

with twisted fingers and glancing lips,

evening expanding and world closing in

you forgave my trespasses

with a slow swirling slow dance kiss

that either delivered me from,

or aimed me directly at, evil.


The dance floor became

a swirl of marginal swaying sin,

of thoughts of long term love

or a current one night wonder.

Friday night corduroy friction

attempting to ignite a fire, or something else,

the din turned the sanctuary into

a two-story babbling tower.

We exited in a professional DJ recessional

of Hall and Oates and moon and stars,

ending silently in the parking lot at my back corner car

where you shoved your hands deep

in my back-pocket Levi’s, as if digging

for a bottom of the box Cracker Jack prize,

while I paused for a stained glass second,

inhaling oak, Baby Soft, and October.

With arms around your sweater

and chin atop your head,

I had one eye closed to the future and

the other looking towards a

street corner phone booth confessional

while trying desperately

to force myself to forget that

eventually I will miss you forever.


copyright 2016 Steven Harz


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  1. Hi Mr. Harz! Thanks a lot for joining me!
    Awesome blog here! 🙂

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