5-star review of “Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes”

Very proud of the most recent review of my new book of, “Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes” (and, for the record, I like “Glow-in-the-Dark Love Note” as well…..!)

This collection of poetry is a must read. The pieces make you feel warm, fuzzy and loved; the perfect read after a long day. The poetry brings to mind how good it feels to love and be loved.

Some believe romantic poetry only appeals to women. Not the case with Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes. Many of the pieces are written about old cars, young love, coming of age and love gained and lost, which male readers will definitely identify with.

Two favorites are “Glow-in-the-Dark Love Note” and “Neon Buzzing”, which are crafted with such description and clarity that the reader feels like they can see the moment taking place. The collection is beautifully written.


“Country Songs and Backroad Love Notes” is available in paperback and Kindle:

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