Poetry Month / “A new cure”



A bucket full of pennies,

I found my well and kissed each coin

before tossing it into our future.

And as the caboose rolled past,

and the view beyond was distant but clear,

I saw you standing on a log

holding a fistful of dandelions

against the fast fading train,

scattering your own million wishes.


This is an excerpt of my poem, ‘A new cure,’ which is contained in my book “Gas Station Road Map” – available at Amazon in Kindle format:

Published by Steven Harz

Steven Harz was the 2013 winner of the international People's Poetry Contest and is a three-time winner of The Iron Writer Challenge. In his writing, Steven captures the exhilaration, pain, and frustration of love, all the while making you strive to find the perfect balance. His work will pierce your heart with memories of love gone bad or an undying commitment to not let that happen to you - pain, truth, and appreciation pour out of his words. Steven's works have appeared in Inwood Indiana Press' Tracks, Voices 2, Donut Factory, Words+Pictures, Ink Monkey Magazine, The Germ, The Voices Project, Pocket Thoughts, and Indigo Rising UK.

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