The poetry of s.c. harz / “My every night one night stand”

tree and star (2)

My every night one night stand


With your hand on the radio and my hand on your heart

your top-of-thigh Levi’s cutoffs and frosted and feathered hair

are riding shotgun in a 20-year-old F150.

As I am look to my right, watching you look to your right,

we pass Sparkle Car Wash and the boarded up Rexall Drugs,

following the end-of-the-road Texaco sign as if it’s a

small town Star of David. Parked behind the

county fairground Cow Palace and within earshot

of the Community Choir onstage the neon flashing

Tilt-A-Whirl swirls dust in our direction.

We, the Prince and Princess of Underneath The Watertower,

with your daisy chain halo and my barbed wire crown,

you smell and taste like baby powder and lip gloss,

and me like Budweiser and bubblegum.


A finger to your lips and a hand in your back pocket

we pretend that we’re not making up love as we go,

and as the carnival fireworks begin above

I say a silent prayer, to God or no one,

that you eventually become

my every night one night stand.

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