Free book weekend: “Descending the Beanstalk”

Descending the Beanstalk_cover_BW

My book of short love stories, “Descending the Beanstalk,” is free on Amazon in ebook format now through Monday, September 18 at midnight.

Synopsis: “In this collection Steven Harz draws from our past and hurls it towards the present, and in doing so connects a long-lost high school love to the recent loss of a loved one. His ability to use words to craft a stirring mental image, and take the reader to a different place or time, will cause an array of emotions to visit the surface.”

“Descending the Beanstalk” contains 18 heartfelt, and sometimes searing, stories of love, loss, and in some cases, rebirth.

Thanks for reading – I sincerely hope that you enjoy.

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