10 Second love story: “Tie-Dyed tomorrow”

 tie dye heart (2)

Deep in a well

called yesterday

your love letters

to me

water damaged

and smelling like

the year before last

are attached

with twigs to

the mossy stone wall

attempting to dry while

the fairy tale’s

damp blue ink

separates on the pages

surrounding me with a

tie-dyed tomorrow

absent of us

for now, so knee-deep

in desperation I

whisper my dreams

into the well’s

leaky oaken bucket and

pulling the old coarse rope

my hopes ascend

and as they drip

onto my hands

and into my eyes

I pray that they

will meet you at the top

and after drinking in my words

you wipe my love

with your sleeve

and then send

me down

a line

Tie- Dyed tomorrow was included in my collection titled, Songs You Can’t Dance To.

For this, and other stories and poems, please visit my Amazon Author page

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