10 second love story: “The sacrament of sorrow”

neon tubes

The sacrament of sorrow


After the box opened, allowing us to walk again

among the most of the living and some of the dead,

we lifted each other up so often and so high

that he were forced to begin practicing to fall.


But while we were at such great heights,

and searching for a common god,

I used my telescope to locate the future

while you cleaned your magnifying glass

for a closer look at today.


Together we discovered that, while

I am the occasional crack of light

under your sometimes closed door,

you are the thing that I miss so much

during desolation and desperation

as if sorrow was a sacrament.


But even at the lowest times hope hangs midair,

unmoving like last week’s party balloon.

With another pump of our past, and a

pinch of courage between my cheek and gum,

we regain our height and I collect for you

tails of shooting stars that you bend

like neon tubes into an arrow pointing at


copyright 2015

‘Sacrament of Sorrow’ is contained in my collection titled, “Self Inflicted Heart Shaped Wounds” – available at Amazon in paperback and ebook.



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