the poetry of steven harz / “Stitched-together heart”

bare bulb

Stitched-together heart


You have blown your fuse

and are becoming

almost impossible to see

day or night


Your light used to

shine with such force that

when you arose each morning

you cast my shadow against the sun


Now when I pull the string that

made your bare bulb shine

it instead unravels your

stitched-together heart


I’d been afraid of the dark

until you found me causing

my internal prism to bend

your halo shine around

the curve of the earth

overtaking everyone else’s glow


So I am buckling up boots and coat

against the sudden frost and

making the hardware store hike

so I can replace the fuse that is

responsible for the light at

the end of your tunnel

Stitched-together heart” originally appeared in my book ‘Gas Station Road Map’ (2014) – available at Amazon in paperback and eBook format.

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