Romance / “Working on Mysteries” from the ‘Romance with a soundtrack’ series

The third in the series called a love story with a soundtrack, “Working on Mysteries” takes you back to times of paneled basements, shag carpet, and a Friday night slow dance. Please enjoy this trip back to discovering new loves and the pain of eventual loss, permanent or otherwise – and the soundtrack that accompaniedContinue reading “Romance / “Working on Mysteries” from the ‘Romance with a soundtrack’ series”

Flash fiction love story: “Working on mysteries”

It was music that had first attracted them to each other. When with his friends, the barrage of “Back in Black” and “Running with the Devil” was non-stop. In the quieter moments, alone in his room with the headset tethering him to the avocado green stereo by a twisted twelve foot cord, or cruising inContinue reading “Flash fiction love story: “Working on mysteries””